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Paint it black or red, the way you want with few clicks from our visual app builder.

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Grow your audience and traffic.

Smartphone users (2 Billion worldwide in 2016) spend 85% of their time on their devices using apps. If you don't have an app to complement your web presence, you're missing on a huge opportunity to build a loyal user base and grow your traffic.

With Appock, you get all the advantages of your own native app, with none of the costs.

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Monetize your mobile traffic.

Your app is integrated with the leading mobile ad servers like MoPub and Google DFP, to give you maximum flexibility in serving your own inventory or banners from ad networks like AdMob.

Google DFP or MoPub ad servers supported, with support for banners, interstitials, and native ads. HTML/Javascript/iframe ad units you can embed directly in your content (you're free to fit them wherever within articles/pages).

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Drive loyalty and returning traffic with push notifications.

With Appock you can send notifications automatically whenever you post new content (with optional filters) or manually, whenever you want.

Now that you’ve won a place on your readers' device, it's important you get to keep it. With Appock both you and your readers have full control over what notifications they receive, so you can limit push to timely updates that your users will value.

Appock has it all..

Fully Native

Unlike other competitors who provide web-view apps, we give pure native app experience.

Push Notifications

Stay in touch with your loyal readers by means of push notifications, that too unlimited!

Fully Branded

Customize your categories, colors, fonts, text colors and whatever it takes to reflect your brand.

Built-in Browser

Keep your users within the app when they open external links with native browser experience.

Native Social Sharing

With one tap, users will be able to share your article over Facebook, Whatsapp and anything else.

Offline Support

With incredible caching mechanism, your users will be able to read articles offline too.

Native App Sharing

Let your users make noise about your product by sharing it with friends at just one click!


One tap bookmark functionality to allow your readers to read your interesting articles in future.

Native Ads Support

Monetize your app with various ad networks like AdMob. Add mobile banners and interstitials with ease.

Better Analytics

Track your app's usage with built-in support for Google Analytics for mobile apps.

Rating Prompt

Get Rating prompts on positive sentiment screens and help your app to rank higher on Play Store.

App Update Prompt

The easiest way to reach out to people when you update your app with incredible app update prompt.

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