Keeping in mind the importance that mobile applications hold in today’s society, it is only wise to create one for your business.
We currently don't have any reseller program but we do offer a Affiliate Program allowing you to earn 30% commission for every sale you refer to us
No, it is not necessary, though it is recommended that you publish your app on your own account. We would be happy to host your app on our own Appock accounts on Google Play. If you choose to publish on our accounts, the developer named on your app’s page will be our company, Wildfire Technology. If you’d like to appear as the app developer, you’ll have to get your own accounts.
A single app for a single site is included in every plan or lifetime license.We don’t offer a plan or license for multiple apps, but we can offer special pricing conditions for you if you need more than one app. Just get in touch with us at support@appock.com.
Your app will be hosted within 15 minutes after submitting the App
Of course we can, we’re app developers and can work with you to build apps according to your requirements. Ask us for a quote at support@Appock.com
Yes, our designers can create a custom design for your app incorporating your brand guidelines, logo, colours and style. Pricing starts at $99 for professional design package which includes Icon and Splash Screen.
This is one time fee and your App is truly yours for the rest of your life.
Currently, Appock is available in English only but we'll be adding new languages very soon.
There is no strict requirement for the logo image size – as anything you’ll upload will be resized to fit in the native app menu bar on Android. For optimal results we recommend to use a png or jpg image file with 60px height and no more than 250px width.
Yes. It’s your own app and you can choose to charge for downloads. However, the app will need to be published on your own Google Play account for you to be able to charge the users.
Yes, we handle the complicated submission process for you. However, you too can do it – if you want to.
Other app building solutions have one or both of these problems: either their app building tools are complex and unintuitive, or the apps they create are low-quality because they use non-native technologies like HTML5. These apps don’t look and feel like the native apps we enjoy using every day. Unlike other solutions, Appock gives you a completely “native” app. Native apps look and feel great on Android, and don’t have the sluggish and glitchy behavior of non-native apps. Building an app with Appock is simple: we take care of every element of complexity for you, so you can focus on creating amazing content and growing your business. Appock is also the only native app solution exclusively dedicated to WordPress, which means we understand the platform your site runs on better than anyone else. We offer 1:1 personal support which none of our competitors offers. Test us out, just write to support@Appock.com.
"Yes, we offer a Partner Program allowing you to earn a 30% commission for every sale you refer to us. Join the program to immediately receive your custom referral code and link. When you join the Program you’ll get: A custom referral link to track your referrals Materials and content to use in emails or content on your site Banners to promote Appock on your site or blog Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate contacting us."

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